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  • YES Rob! I want to take advantage of your exclusive offer to get my own rock-solid asset protection plan in place. I am submitting my order below.

    I understand that I will be assigned a personal trust representative, who will complete my initial eligibility interview and the private phone consultation. These are required to collect the necessary information for establishing my Trust & LLC.
  • I am making a $97 non-refundable payment to claim one of the available slots. If I am eligible and decide to move forward after my phone interview, I will be able to set up my plan at the reduced fees made available in this offer.

    The fees cover the initial establishing of my plan, which includes an Offshore Asset Protection Trust and an Offshore LLC. I realize these are the same entities used in your client’s $20,000 asset protection plans and I will be receiving them at a tremendous savings.
  • Your Protected by our No-Risk Examination - If you are not totally and completely satisfied with your Trust and LLC documents, we will not execute the documents. Your order will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. You must physically sign and approve the documents for us to proceed, so you are in complete control of the decision.
  • If I choose to move forward with establishing a plan, I am also responsible for the maintenance fees on my Trust/LLC which will be assessed and payable yearly at the discounted rate available only through this promotion.
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NOTE: If you establish a plan, you may at any time during the life of your Trust and LLC, dissolve them by contacting your personal trust representative. If you ever decide that you don't need the trust anymore, Mayfair has made it as easy as possible for you to cancel and stop all future billing.
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